Dare to dream | Santorini

She believe she could so she did… Have you ever dreamed of something big, something that makes you jump out of bed in the morning in order to make your dreams come true? Today I was holding the Amulette de Cartier in my hands for the first time, it was beautiful and mystical and I wanted to know all about it. I read that you should make a wish before closing it. I closed my eyes and focused on my biggest wish and suddenly I realized how truly lucky and blessed I am… Today, I woke up in Santorini, the place I felt for about two month ago. As long as I have Alex, my laptop and a camera, I can work wherever I want. Whenever I have an inspiring dream, I can make it happen and I can share it with everyone who is interested in what I create every single day. When writing these worlds, I feel overwhelmed by my emotions and I carefully closed the Amulette de Cartier, holding it close to my heart and feeling it’s power with every inch of my body. How I ended up here? At this place, with Alex, with ohhcouture – I believed I could. I stopped being afraid of sharing my drama and listen to my heart. I was not afraid of being vulnerable any more, I became strong, I became me.

I’ve always felt attached to my personal belongings and the Amulette de Cartier is one of the most emotional pieces I’ve ever hold in my hands. Behind every amulette and its material there is a beautiful meaning. But it’s not only the beauty of this precious piece of jewelry, it’s the story behind and the powerful idea to make it a place you can lock a secret up. Therefore, I wanted to shoot the Amulette de Cartier in a place which reminds me of the power of my dreams and I decided to shot it in the very spot I lost my heart to Santorini when I first came here. Long stairways, surrounded by beautiful white houses and a view to die for. Walking down these stairs feels like walking in a dream, a dream I can call my life. And when wearing my Amulette de Cartier it reminds me of appreciating everything I experience and it reminds me of being creative and of dreaming big. If you could make a wish – What would it be? But take good care of what you are wishing, it might become true… 😉 xx Leonie















*In cooperation with Cartier <3

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