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Season after season bomber jackets have been popping up again and again. And even though I regularly saw one I really liked, there has been the ONE bomber jacket which has been on my wishlist for forever: an oversized boyfriend bomber by Coach. As soon as my order arrived, I was more than happy, wearing it so many times. It even became my favorite of all travel jackets! 🙂 As I normally wear rather feminine pieces, I decided to play with my new Coach favorite, styling it with an oversized blouse with huge sleeves, short leather pants and my favorite kind of over the knee boots (super skinny & black leather!). I also added a fun Gucci statement clutch I got as a surprise by Net-A-Porter during Paris fashion week. Probably you’ve already spotted it in my fashion week wrap!? 😉

It’s not a secret how much I’m in love with over the knee boots… This autumn I’m keen on finding the perfect velvet ones or some fun embellished ones! As there are so many nice over the knee boots available at the moment, I linked some of my current favorite boots underneath the text! Still, the one pair I wouldn’t want to miss in my wardrobe are black leather ones. They are the perfect autumn companion.

The pictures were taken near London Eye. On our way to London Eye we passed by the bridge which was destroyed by death eaters in Harry Potter 7 (part one). What shall I say – I always feel such a strong Harry Potter vibe when visiting London! 😉

As I know there MUST be some Harry Potter fans among you, I decided to share some random Harry Potter facts with you! Find out more underneath the pictures. 😉 😉


BOMBER JACKET: Coach (here)
OVERKNEES: Zara (similar here)
STATEMENT CLUTCH: Gucci (similar here)
LONG BLOUSE: Storet (similar here)
SUNNIES: Ray Ban (here)
LEATHER SHORTS: Zara (similar here)
















– 10 random Harry Potter facts – 

I. Harry Potter, Joan K. Rowling and I share the same birthday, the 31st of July, and that might be part of the reason why I’m so obsessed. 😉

II. I think that the Harry Potter movies are so Christmassy. I can’t remember a year in which Alex and I didn’t at least tried to watch all movies right before Christmas.

III. I was growing up with the Harry Potter books and I watched some of the movies while traveling the world. For instance, I watched Harry Potter 5 in New Zealand and Harry Potter 7 part II in Bangkok. The people prayed before the movie started, they had Wasabi popcorn and none seemed to be in the movie at all – while I was absolutely thrilled all the time. I still feel very sorry because Alex missed the whole Snape climax when I had to go on the toilet reeeeally badly and he wanted to be a good boyfriend, walking me to the bathroom in the foreign cinema. 😉

IV. My ex boyfriend was into Harry Potter too (obviously! ;)) and when the last book was published he couldn’t wait to read the German version and found an English download version online. He read 800 pages of Harrry Potter with surprisingly detailed sex scenes and a weird friendship between Voldemord and the Dursleys without questioning whether this was the right version (well, we all know it was not… ;)).

V. Harry Potter 5 broke my heart and made me stop reading Harry for three years. I was on holiday with my family, lying on the beach while reading the final chapters. After everything Harry has been through, I was so angry and overwhelmed with sadness when a certain person was killed, I cried and cried – Eventually in the ocean surrounded by people. My sisters had to play the therapists for days (they both had read the book before ;)). No worries, I kind of got over it and managed to move on, but I don’t fully trust Joan K. Rowling anymore. 😉

VI. After Harry Potter III I stopped watching the movies in cinema for a few years because I was so disappointed with the dementores. In my phantasy they were so cool and scary and I was so disappointed with the production, trying to ruin my cool pictures I had in mind. I still think they looked like children hiding under blankets to dress like ghosts but I have to admit they became better than in the following movies. 😉

VII. Speaking of Harry Potter 3 – I do still think that Lupin’s usage of chocolate to make Harry feel good after the first dementore attack is still the best explanation on why chocolate is SO important! There is no scientific result which can impress me more. 😉

VIII. I read most books in English and it took me a little to really understand why Harry survived when Voldemord cast the deathly spell. When I had finished my theory, I questioned some people and realized that most people never really questioned the meaning of the „Deathly Hallows“ – Please, give it a little thought! 😉

IX. My sister and I can have the most in-depth conversation about tricky Harry Potter questions. Once we were discussion the difference in age between Harry’s parents, Tom Riddle and Hagrid for more than an hour. It was a profound conversation based on real knowledge. 😉 Once my little sister even presented the theory to me that Harry really is mentally sick and everything is only happening in his head. It seems to be a topic people are discussing online about.

X. I seriously hope that there will be a new version of Harry Potter in the cinemas once. Just look at the improvements from Harry Potter I to 7.II and then imagine how amazing it could be to see it all again. 😉

What’s your favorite Harry Potter anecdote? I’m dying to read it!!!!!!! 🙂 xx Leonie

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