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It took me a little, but I finally updated my Marrakech travel guide to share with you all the places I truly love and recommend after visiting Marrakech twice! When I went to Marrakech for the first time, I became obsessed with the break taking architecture as well as the hospitality and I wanted to discover more of Marrakech’s colorful charm. I truly left Marrakech heartbroken and curious and felt like I have to come back to get even more inspiration from this special place. Therefore, I revisited Marrakech after only a few month and today I can finally tell you more about my most loved places, hotels, Riads (my favorite thing about Morocco) and food places.


Marrakech has so much to offer and my list will definitely not be complete, but the below places will definitely make you feel with Marrakech! I hope you will like the pictures and will get a feeling of why I lost my heart in this magical city…


Hotel La Mamounia

There is probably no place I’ve seen more often on Instagram then La Mamounia and I completely understand why… La Mamounia is like the perfect little oasis in vibrant Marrakech. It’s only a ten minute walk to get to the energetic heart of Marrakech and yet, La Mamounia feels quite, open and inviting. You can find out more about this beautiful place in my La Mamounia post. I would love to name you my favorite parts of the hotels, but there are so many hidden gems and beautiful corners. I loved the spa, a Moroccan outdoor shower, the entrance of the hotel, the Moroccan restaurant – Let’s just say: everything. Alex and I arrived super tired after fashion month and the bedroom was so cozy, I finally got some rest and felt reborn even after the first night. Thank you, La Mamounia, for this unforgettable stay – I’ll be back sooner than later. 😉



Riad Yasmine

For two nights I decided to stay in a Riad in the middle of Marrakech and it was such a good decisions. I’ve heard of Riads before but I’ve never visited one before. From outside you have no clue what beauty will hide inside when entering the doors. You are outside on the vibrant streets of Marrakech and you open the doors to find the most beautiful oasis. I found Le Riad Yasmine on Instagram (I plan most of my getaways with the help of social media – It really inspires me and gives me a good and honest impression!) and it was just too charming. The rooms were built around a cute mosaic pool and they serve the freshest food in the morning. Only a baby cat would join you when hanging around the pool area and I was super happy when the Riad owners provided me with their pink room. 😉 I also looooved the rooftop, it was super huge and you could enjoy the sun or the warm evening hours.

Riad Le Jardin Secret

From all places I’ve seen in Marrakech, Riad Le Jardin Secret was the one which touched my heart the most. I already loved the impressions I found online, but being at Riad Le Jardin Secret and feeling the vibe melted my heart. The owners of the Riad are a cool, layed back couple with an incredible sense for architecture, interior and colors. I loved every corner of the Riad! The two little dogs, the pink shades, the beautiful palm trees, the decoration, the swing, a natural shower… every corner is magic! And when I thought I could love this place more, they served me the breakfast of my dreams! A watermelon filled with fruits, avo, freshly baked goods and everything was so tasty and rich! As the menu was slightly changing every day, I was always keen on waking up and seeing what would be next on the list. Do I sound like a fan? Well, truly am! ??

Riad BE

I visited Riad BE because I’ve been fascinated by the colorful pictures I found online and the Riad was just as cute as I figured from what I saw before. The Riad has a colorful pool area and a cute rooftop with a little turtle crawling around.

Alex and I only visited for one morning, but the food was soooo good! If Riad BE wasn’t fully booked we would have stayed longer!

Royal Mansour

Well, yes, I did a little hotel and Riad hopping and it was totally worth it. When I arrived at Royal Mansour I felt like a princess. We had the most spacious private Riad with a little pool on the rooftop. But what I even liked more were the breathtaking entrance area, the restaurant area and the spa! It was a magical all white dream! One night we were invited to try the traditional Moroccan restaurant and even though I have the taste of a six years old, the food was soooo tasty! Probably the best food I had in Morocco! And that is such a big compliment, because I’m such a sweet tongue and these super sweet Moroccan sweets made of honey and nuts give me life. 😉 Thank you for being the perfect hosts, I will never forget this amazing experience!



Riad Berbere 

Riad Berbere is a little more rustic, but charming in its own ways. It reminded me of a stylish Berber camp in the middle of the Medina! 😉


One of my favorite things about Marrakech are all the cute rooftop restaurants which allow you to watch the sun set in the most beautiful surroundings, enjoying the endless hospitality of the Moroccan people. I visited the Insta-famous Nomad and the Café Atay and I’ve been obsessed with both places. Nomad is located above the Souks so that you can stroll around the carpet and spice places and have some delicious and modern Moroccan cuisine with a view afterwards! For an early dinner we quickly headed to Il limone which was just around the corner of Riad Yasmine and it was such a beautiful typical Moroccan place.




You simply cannot visit Marrakech without getting lost in the pinkish corners of Marrakech and especially the old town Medina. I loved looking at all the carpets, spices and cute lamps. There was so much to discover! One of my favorite places was Ben Youssef, such beautiful architecture.

As we brought a lot of work, there was only limited time to explore and I still have so many places I want to visit on my list and I also want to discover more hidden Riads! Well, such a good reason to come back soon… 😉 xx Leonie







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