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During our second trip to Marrakech, we were so lucky as to stay at the beautiful Es Saadi Palace. Recently, we spend most of our time living in hotel rooms, however, our stay at the Es Saadi was very special because we got upgraded to a beautiful little villa with a private pool! I was super happy about that as I love to go out first thing in the morning and just soak in some sun before starting the day. Once I am at a new place, I love nothing more than strolling around, falling in love with places and getting inspired. At the Es Saadi I had plenty of time to go for a stroll around the hotel site and to discover my favorite spots.

One of my favorites was a blue villa. I simply love the Moroccan architecture and when it is combined with such a beautiful color, it is even more impressive. Funnily the blue villa had many different doors and if you were keen enough to step through one without looking, you might have fallen right into the pool. 😉 Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to visit a berber desert camp this time, which is something that I’ve been dreaming about for quite a while now. As a consolation our villa was decorated in the style of a berber camp with a beautiful bed and many little details that transported you right into the desert. 🙂

When I am in Marrakech I like to split my time. On the one hand I love being in Medina in the Riads at the center of it all, but on the other hand, especially when you are traveling with your boyfriend, it can be nice to spend some time outside the city center at a hotel, were you have a bit more privacy and can simply lie by the pool and relax. For me the perfect way to spend my day is strolling around the souks in Medina and spending leisure time at the Riads but then return to my relaxed hotel room. Furthermore, the people at the Es Saadi were so very welcoming and friendly! We didn’t always manage to go out for dinner because we brought a lot of work and we were super happy when the staff was preparing the most romantic dinner setting in our room or on our little terrace. A big thank you to everyone at the Es Saadi for making our stay so special! xx Leonie

DRESS: Anjuna (here)

DRESS: Tularosa (here)

BIKINI: Mumshandmade (here)

DRESS: Tularosa (here)

BATHING SUIT: Marysia (here)

BATHING SUIT: Marysia (here)

*In cooperation with Es Saadi Marrakech <3

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