Monday Update #49

What can I say: it’s been too long! You might have noticed on the blog and especially if you follow my instagram and instagram stories that the past weeks have been not only busy but super, crazy, out-of-breath busy! We’ve been working like bees and somewhere along the road, I stopped writing Monday Updates. Shame on me! There really is just one thing I can say: I AM SORRY! I’ve always loved writing Monday Updates and you have always given me such nice feedback on them and I really feel that they are the best way to have you follow along on what is happening in my life. Thus, I hereby swear that I will try hard to dedicate myself to the blog more again in the future. I’ve wanted to update the blog’s layout and content for a while now and you might have realized that I’ve been uploading more posts again in the last week and there is still more to come in the next days. I hope you will be up to date again then! 🙂  Today’s Monday Update is different from the ones in the past because it will cover not only last week but give you a short break down of what has happened in the weeks that have passed since my last update from LA (here). So here it comes:



From LA we headed to Venice for an amazing campaign shooting with Escada. There couldn’t be more of a cultural shock than traveling from Coachella which epitomizes the American spirit and is all about large scale parties and festival craziness, to Venice with its medieval narrow alleys and the sounds of the gondoliers singing opera style echoing over the canals. Well, at both places there is lots of ice cream (/gelato) so they have that much in common. 😉 We had the Escada shooting on my beloved colorful Burano and spending time with the Escada team was so much fun (read more about it: here). It was my first big summer shoot of the year and with the bright blue sky, the colorful houses and sunnies I had no problem getting in the mood. 🙂 Afterwards we spent a couple more days in Venice simply because I love it sooo much. We had some more collaborations to shoot and there couldn’t be a more beautiful shooting location than Venice. Also, I had my two sisters with me (and Alex of course). While I see Laura more often lately since she’s been working and sometimes traveling with us, I only see Nora when we are in Hamburg but there is simply never enough time! Therefore, this was an amazing opportunity to spend some quality time. You can read more about our time in Venice here and here.

DRESS: For Love & Lemons (here), BALLERINA FLATS: Miu Miu (here), BOY BAG: Chanel (similar here)

BLOUSE: Goodnight Macaroon (here), SUNGLASSES: Chloé (here)

DRESS: For Love & Lemons (here), BALLERINA FLATS: Miu Miu (here), BOY BAG: Chanel (similar here)

BLOUSE: Goodnight Macaroon (here), SHORTS: One Teaspoon (here), SUNGLASSES: Fendi (here), SNEAKERS: Tory Burch (here), BAG: Tory Burch (here)

BLOUSE: Goodnight Macaroon (here), SHOES: Dior (similar here), JEANS: (similar here), BELT: Gucci (here), BAG: Gucci (here), SUNGLASSES: Chloé (here)

DRESS: Reclaimed Vintage (here), TSHIRT: (similar here), SHOES: Miu Miu (here), BAG: J.W.Anderson (here)

ROMPER: Rails (here), SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban (here), BAG: Chanel

DRESS: Nancy King (here)

TOP: Finders Keepers (here), JEANS: Ohh Couture x Mavi (here),  SNEAKERS: Tory Burch (here), BAG: Tory Burch (here)

DRESS: MLM (similar here), SHOES: Miu Miu (here)

TOP: Finders Keepers (here), JEANS: Ohh Couture x Mavi (here),  SHOES: Gucci (here), BAG: J.W.Anderson (here)

DRESS: Faithfull the Brand (here),  SHOES: Gucci (here), BAG: J.W.Anderson (here)


From Venice we crossed the border to France for a special trip with L’Occitane for the launch of the new TerreDeLumiere fragrance (here). The fragrance is all about the golden hour and the most amazing thing on the trip was a hot air balloon ride during sunrise. I had never been on a hot air balloon before and the feeling is just indescribable! You cannot imagine how beautiful it was when the first rays of golden sunlight hit the flower fields and we were floating above it all. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience!

DRESS: Hermant and Nandita (similar here), BAG: Tory Burch (here), SUNGLASSES: Chloé (here)


Next we had a quick stop in Germany for a very special event in Berlin. Together with Mavi we celebrated the launch of the new Ohh Couture x Mavi jeans at their Mavi store with music, food, drinks, and friends! It was such an amazing opportunity to design my very own pair of jeans together with Mavi and it was nice to have the opportunity to cheer to that together with the great Mavi team and everyone else who joined us. You can take a look at how I style the Leonie jeans here and here.


With Venice and Marrakech I visited two of my all time favorite travel destinations in such a short time. This time we stayed at the Es Saadi Palace & Resort and they were the most amazing hosts. I will upload a post about it soon, it’s already waiting in line. 😉 But I also got to visit some of my favorite riads such as the Royal Mansour (here), La Mamounia (here and here) and Le Jardin Secret (here). I can never get enough of this place and I can only recommend Marrakech to everyone who hasn’t been there yet – it is such a unique and breathtakingly beautiful place. I’ve written an extensive Marrakech travel guide the first time I was there, so make sure to check it out before you go! 🙂

DRESS: Suncoo (here), SHOES: Fratelli Rosetti (similar here), BAG: Gucci (here), SUNGLASSES: Chloé (here)

DRESS: Nancy King (here), SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban (here)

SWIMSUIT: Marysia (similar here), RINGS: Pandora  (e.g. here or here)

DRESS: Faithfull the Brand (here),  SUNGLASSES: Chloé (here)

DRESS: Pitusa (here)

GOWN: Intimissimi (here)

DRESS: Faithfull the Brand (similar here)


There are few brands that I adore as much as Dior (I J’Adior it, as my Dior sling bags would say ;)). Miss Dior was the first perfume I ever bought and it has been with me ever since. Thus, my trip with Dior to the Cote d’Azur for the launch of the new fragrance Miss Dior for Love was a very special one for me! We visited the Chateau de la Colle Noire, where we had the most magical dinner in the garden with Natalie Portman (here) and I got to wear a beautiful Dior from head to toe look (here), stayed at the beautiful Hotel Cap de Eden Roc, and I even got to play around in the rose fields for a little video shoot with Dior (post will follow – can’t wait to share it with you)!

JUMPSUIT: Zimmermann (similar here)

DRESS: (similar here), SUNGLASSES: Dior (here), BAG: Dior (here)

SHIRT: Dior (here), TULLE SKIRT: Dior, SLINGBACKS: Dior (here), BAG: Lady Dior (here), EARRINGS: Dior (here), RING: Dior (here)

SWIMSUIT: Tory Burch (here)

SHIRT: Dior (here), TULLE SKIRT: Dior, SLINGBACKS: Dior (here), BAG: Lady Dior (here), EARRINGS: Dior (here), RING: Dior (here)

DRESS: Tory Burch (here), BAG: Cult Gaia (here)


After a quick stop in Cannes for the Film Festivals, I headed on a fun girls trip to Sicily with Intimissimi. I love working with Intimissimi not only because of their beautiful lingerie but because they are passionate about what they do and they always go out of their way to give you the best time on their trips! We stayed at a beautiful villa and I got to spend some quality time with Belen (@belenhostalet) and Nataly (@natalyosmann) among others while getting to know the new Intimissimi line! 🙂

BODY: Intimissimi (here), DRESS: Tiare Hawaii (here)

PJs WITH FLORAL PRINT: Intimissimi (here), SUNNIES: Chloé (here), BAG: Channel

LACE BRA: Intimissimi (here)

BODY: Intimissimi (here), DRESS: Tiare Hawaii (here)


From Sicily we jumped first on a plane and then on a ferry to get to Capri. I’ve been to Capri before last year (here) during my birthday road trip through Italy with Alex. I love Italy and Capri is simply charming! In Capri Alex and I shot something special for Michael Kors and Mister Spex but it is still a bit of a secret so – shush! 😉 I am very happy with the results and I can’t wait to share them with you soon!

BAG: Tory Burch (here), SUNGLASSES: Dior (here), EARRINGS: Tory Burch (here)

DRESS: Tiare Hawaii (similar here), SUNNIES: Chloé (here), BAG: Cult Gaia (here)

DRESS: Red Carter (here), BAG: Gucci (here), SHOES: Chloé (here)

DRESS: Tiare Hawaii (similar here), SUNNIES: Chloé (here), BAG: Cult Gaia (here)


After Capri we didn’t leave Italy but headed to Milan. It was insanely hot during our two days in Milan last week and we tried to cool down with lots of gelato and by heading to the rood of the Duomo. I have been to the Duomo so many times but never on the roof terrace and I can tell you it is beautiful up there! We came to Milan for a special event with Armani and the big launch dinner and party for the two new fragrances Stronger With You for men and Because It’s You for women. The perfumes, the event and our time in Milan was all about love and I used the opportunity to lure Alex in front of the camera with me. 😉 It made me realized once more how happy it makes me to always have him by my side! I am such a lucky girl! 🙂 🙂 🙂 To celebrate the launch and spread the love you can get a free sample of the fragrances: here.

DRESS: Sezane (here)


Now we are back in the city of love! The past days we spend with Longines in the city that owns my heart. Funnily I wrote my last update right after the amazing trip to Sydney with Longines and some of you might still remember how excited and happy I was about it! Working with Longines is such an honor and they always take you to the most amazing sport events, which is always such an amazing opportunity and so different from everything else we usually do! Our last nights in Paris we spent at the Plaza Athénée and they just hung out their flowers in front of their windows and balconies and it is the most beautiful sight! Looking out of my window I didn’t know what was more beautiful: the red flowers or the Eiffel Tower behind them! 🙂 Saturday we took part of the day off to do some shopping (believe it or not for Alex, not for me ;)) and go on a proper romantic date! I guess love is still in the air after our time with Armani in Milan. 😉 <3

DRESS: Sezane (here)


The excitement doesn’t stop! 🙂 Today I am still writing from Paris but we will now head back to Germany for a rare break in Hamburg and a big event in Dusseldorf. Basically ever since the last international fashion weeks we have been living out of the suitcase and never stayed in Hamburg for more than two or three days merely managing to change suitcases. Now our apartment looks accordingly and we have actually been sleeping on only a mattress when we were home lately. Also, we don’t really have any proper seating anymore since we got rid of Alex’s old couch. So hopefully, we have some time to hit IKEA and than maybe with a proper bed we don’t have to run away from home all the time any more… Just kidding, it’s an addiction, I couldn’t even stop if we had the most luxurious bed in the world at home. 🙂 Apart from furniture shopping I hope we will have plenty of time to see our friends and family before we hop on a plane again to… stay tuned! 😉



So much time had passed, so much shopping has been done… 😀 I’m especially crazy about my new collection of summer bags! I’ve shown you my new Cult Gaia bag before, but I cannot say often enough how crazy I am about it! Also I have got a new colorful Gucci bag from that you will see more often from now on. And the best way to make your bags all set for summer is a flower strap! Also, I have been stocking up on summer dresses! In summer I love whites such as my beloved Tory Burch dress or my slightly shorter Sezane one. Also I am still crazy for off-shoulder especially now that they are nice and tanned and I have got a new Tiare Hawaii dress I love and I have my eyes on one from Asos. Happy shopping! xx Leonie

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