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There is not one piece I love more during summer time than sunglasses! It’s not only that they are strongly needed on bright days, I also love how they are such a fun accessoire which can turn a basic outfit into a cool look! Therefore, I was super thrilled when Mister Spex asked me to shoot an editorial, featuring the latest Michael Kors sunglasses as well as optical frames in some summerly Michael Kors outfits on Capri! Together with Mister Spex I selected my favorite sunnies and optical frames for bright, sunny days on Capri and I’m super happy to finally show you my selects and allll the pictures! 

Shooting on Capri was a lot of fun! You might remember that I was there a year ago during my Italian road trip almost one year ago and I just couldn’t forget the beautiful views of Giardini di Augusto, the blue & white umbrellas of Le Fontelina, the colorful hues of Marina Grande, popping pink flowers and of course the Italian food!;) For this special project with Mister Spex and Michael Kors I went to some places on Capri which I love the most and I’m happy to finally share with you the results! You can also find all the images, all the sunglasses and optical frames on MisterSpex. I hope you like the new collection and the sunny impressions as much as I do! Last but not least: Which sunnies / optical frames are your favourites!? xx Leonie


Alex and I shot these first pictures while strolling around the beautiful streets of Capri. Capri is a shopper’s paradise and the little, colorful streets with blooming flowers invite you for some window shopping. I was wearing oversized Michael Kors sunglasses with a beautiful, slightly extravagant frame which were the perfect companion for the chic streets of the island’s most popular city.

SUNGLASSES: Michel Kors (here & here)
DRESS: Michael Kors (here) – MESSANGER BAG: Michael Kors (here) – HEELS: Michael Kors (here)


When thinking about my favourite places to shoot on Capri, I directly had the pictures of blooming gardens in my mind. Surrounded my flowers and wearing an embellished flower dress, I was combining optical frames with contrasting dark frames and oversized, glamorous sunglasses.

SUNGLASSES: Michael Kors (here) & OPTICAL FRAMES: Michael Kors (here)
MESSANGER BAG: Michael Kors (here) – HEELS: Michael Kors (here)


When I saw the Michael Kors sunglasses with mirrored, red glasses and the extravagant golden model with cut-outs for the first time, I directly felt inspired to wear these sunglasses during sunset. And there is no better place to catch a colorful sunset in Capri than Mariana Grane. I took the cable car to the harbour, watched the sunset and enjoyed a dinner with a view in this scenic setting – It was my favorite evening on the island.

SUNGLASSES: Michael Kors (here & here)
DRESS: Michael Kors (here) – MESSANGER BAG: Michael Kors (here) – HEELS: Michael Kors (here)


There couldn’t be a summerly edit without some shades of blue, right? Therefore, I decided to wear some of the pieces at the poolside. I directly fell in love with the optical frames with pink tortoise and rose gold – Such a light and feminine color combination! Equally I loved the yellow sunglasses which have the same color palate as the beautiful optical frames. And when I saw the lemonades, I couldn’t help myself but noticing how wonderfully they match my mirrored sunnies – Don’t you think so!?

SUNGLASSES: Michael Kors (here) & OPTICAL FRAME: Michael Kors (here)
MESSANGER BAG: Michael Kors (here) – HEELS: Michael Kors (here)

*In cooperation with Mister Spex <3

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