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Despite the fact that I am unbelievably thankful for my job, I sometimes miss having daily routines. For example, in the past I used to dance hiphop and I went to practice at least twice a week. I did this rather ambitiously and on an advanced level and I loved dancing and working out in a group to loud music – it was so motivating! I often miss being part of a team and the rush of motivation that it gave me. Today it is even hard to tie myself to a gym membership and I am not a big fan of working out in a gym on a treadmill anyways – it just isn’t me! When I work out, I love to do it outside where I feel free! Today I always pack my sports clothes wherever I go and by now they have seen quite a bit of the world. 🙂 However, even if I don’t find the time to go running, I never feel like I don’t get enough work-out and that is because of our active life style. Our schedule is always packed and often we spend all day outside exploring! I like to joke that I am a bit of a Pocahontas because (despite the fact that I grew up in rainy Hamburg) I always feel the need to be outside and explore. However, I have porcelain feet and I often have blisters even from comfortable summer sandals. The only times I don’t have to worry about that is when I switch my high heels and sandals for sneakers. I immediately feel free and full of zest for action. There is no other place that has as many stairs and inclinations as Santorini and there wasn’t another day in this beautiful place where I managed to see and do as many things as the day I spend in my new Nike sneakersNike asked if I’d like to try their Air Max Thea, which is a part of the Beautiful x Powerful collection. The white leather pared with to the gold trim happen to match perfectly with the stunning backdrop of Santorini. This lifestyle collection isn’t about running but about becoming active, taking charge of your own life. That is also what I love about social media: you get to share the experiences of so many young successful women who have built their own businesses. We often forget that behind all the pictures there often is a huge business and administrational responsibility from writing bills, to doing your own taxes, to organizing every single day. That is why I like this collection on two different levels: run your own business but also run your life, take it into your own hands and dare to shape it according to your dreams! What about you – What would you like to create? xx Leonie

SNEAKER: Nike Air Max Thea (here)
DRESS: Tularosa (here)
SMALL FAYE: Chloé (here)
SUNNIES: Ray Ban (here)
BRACELET: Cartier (here)

*In cooperation with Nike <3

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