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When I booked my trip to LA, I knew that I wanted to combine a long flight like that with some relaxing time! There are several places that to me symbolize pure joy of living and that is why I did not have to think hard before deciding on traveling to Mexico again.


When it comes to traveling I’m not the kind of person who feels like they have to explore every single corner of the world until they have seen it all. Instead I love to find places where I feel at home and 100% free and happy – and if I do (as you may have noticed) I will come back to them sooner or later. You go, where your heart wants you to go. 🙂  I fell in love with Tulum when I visited it the first time and the though of coming back here had been in the back of my head ever since. In the past six months I had been looking up places close by Tulum and when I decided to fly back there, I had the new travel route ready. Quintana Roo and Yucatan have o much to offer: Chichen Itza, Rio Largos, Holbox, Acumal, and my beloved Tulum and and and…

Unfortunately, we only had a couple of days before we had to return to Europe for upcoming events and, thus, we decided on a trip to Valladolid to explore Yucatan and we also wanted to spend a couple of days in my beloved Tulum. To be honest, those six days in Mexico that went by far too quickly did nothing to diminish my craving for the place but instead left me wanting to go back immediately. Such an amazing country full of vivid culture, rich history, beautiful beaches, amazing food and friendly, relaxed people. I even recommended a trip to Mexico to my sometimes overly-careful Mom, when I saw her today! 🙂 My parents have just been to Santorini because I loved it so much and they did not regret it, so I am curious whether I can lure them to Mexico as well 😉 Today I will add on to my last Tulum travel guide in this short Mexico travel guide. I hope

you’ll like the pictures and impressions. Feel free to post any comments, questions, feedback that you might have – I am planning on writing more travel guides in the future and therefore I appreciate any ideas that you can offer. Thousand kisses, Leonie


Sobald mein LA Trip in Stein gemeißelt war, wusste ich, dass ich einen so langen Flug unbedingt mit etwas Seelenbalsam verbinden wollte! Es gibt einige Orte, die für mich für pure Lebensfreude stehen und so habe ich mich nach kurzem Überlegen dafür entscheiden erneut nach Mexiko zu fliegen. Wenn es ums Reisen geht, dann geht es mir nicht darum alles zu sehen und jeden Ort zu erkunden. Vielmehr liebe ich es überall auf der Welt Orte zu entdecken, an denen ich mich zu Hause und 100% frei und glücklich fühle. So werdet ihr bestimmt schon bemerkt haben, dass es Orte gibt, an die ich direkt zurückkehren muss – einfach, weil mein Herz es mir sagt.  Und nachdem Tulum mir bei meinem ersten Besuch unendlich gut gefallen hat, hatte ich den Gedanken eines erneuten Besuchs immer im Hinterkopf. Ich habe im letzten halben Jahr weitere Orte in unmittelbarer Nähe gesammelt und mir eine erneute Reiseroute gebastelt. Quintana Roo und Yucatan haben unendlich viel zu bieten: Chichen Itza, Rio Largos, Holbox, Acumal, mein geliebtes Tulum und, und, und.

Da wir nur wenige Tage vor unseren anstehenden Projekten in Europa Zeit hatten, haben wir uns für einen Trip nach Valladolid zur Erkundung von Yucatan und für einige Tage in unserem geliebten Tulum entschieden. Ehrlich gesagt hat der Trip meine Sehnsucht nach Mexiko nicht gestillt, sondern ein Feuer der Begeisterung entfacht und die 6 Tage Mexiko vergingen wie im Flug. Was für ein tolles Land, reich an Kultur, Geschichte, tollen Ständen, Essen und lieben, entspannten Menschen. Selbst meiner vorsichtigen Mama habe ich heute bei einem Heimatsbesuch Mexico wärmstens ans Herz gelegt! 😉 Und nachdem ich meine Eltern schon nach Santorini gelockt habe und sie mit der Empfehlung mehr als happy waren, bin ich gespannt, ob ich sie auch nach Mexico locken kann. 😉 Heute gibt es erst einmal ein Update meines Tulum Travel Guides in Form eines kurzen Mexico Travel Guides. Ich hoffe, euch gefallen die Bilder und Eindrücke. Hinterlasst mir gerne Anmerkungen, Fragen, Feedback – Es wird zukünftig noch mehr Travel Diaries geben und ich freue mich über eure Anregungen. Tausend Küsse, Leonie



We decided to rent a car at the airport in Cancun in order to be flexible while exploring Mexico for a few days. We arrived in the late noon and it quickly turned dark. It was a two hours ride to Valladolid and we got stuck on our way as we had been told that we would be able to pay the road fees with our American Dollars  – Well, it turned out we needed Mexican Pesos after all and we had to make an unexpected stop in the middle of nowhere, waiting for a trespassing car for an emergency currency exchange. 😉 Even though we mostly drove on one road, it wasn’t the easiest ride. It was the beginning of November and we still experienced some thunderstorms while driving through the dark night. Still, as soon as we arrived in Valladolid, we fell for this charming, colorful town. Even though it was already late, most shops were open and the whole vibe was friendly and inviting. Instead of directly  going on a day trip the following day, we decided to stay in and nearby Valladolid, enjoying ourselves. We even ended up falling head over heels for a little, colorful restaurant named Yerbabuena del Sisal where they served chocolate shakes and cappuccino with soy milk. 😉 The next day explorer mode was on and we ended up visiting Chichen Itza, Cenote Ik Kil AND the pink lagoon within one day. We even drove all the way down to Tulum. It was the most exciting day even though we spent a lot of time in the car. 😉 Valladolid is an amazing place from where to explore some of the greatest highlights of Yucatan and a cute town to get lost in.


ROMPER: Revolve (on sale: here)

ROMPER: Revolve (on sale: here)


ROMPER: Revolve (on sale: here)



DRESS: Tularosa (here), FLATS: Figue (here), SUNNIES: Ray Ban (here)


DRESS: Tularosa (here), FLATS: Figue (here), SUNNIES: Ray Ban (here)



I’m not an early bird and there are few things which get me out of bed early in the morning. 😉 However, visiting one of the seven new wonders of the world is definitely among them. 😉  It makes all the difference in the world whether you get up early and experience something special before all the tourist buses arrive. Nevertheless I couldn’t stop myself from first finishing  my morning cappuccino in peace (and therefore leaving a tiny bit later than originally planned ;)) we managed to be at Chichen Itza at 9:30, sharing this amazing historical place with only few tourists. Chichen Itza was my third world wonder (I’ve seen Petra and the Colosseum in Rome before!) and it was an astonishing building full of memories to visit. After about 1,5 hours we had walked around the whole sight and had picked up some interesting pieces of information eavesdropping on the first tours coming by.  When we left there were tons of busses outside and people queuing up. Have you read between the lines: make sure to come early! 😉


ROMPER: Revolve (on sale: here), FAYE BAG: Chloé (here)


ROMPER: Revolve (on sale: here), FAYE BAG: Chloé (here)


After our trip to Chichen Itza we made a quick stop at Cenote Ik Kil. We had already visited some Cenotes during our first trip to Tulum (find out more: here), but each and every Cenote is different and I’m truly fascinated by them. Cenote Ik Kil was a dark round hole with surprisingly beautiful vegetation, swarms of bats and in total a little surreal. A few visitors dared to take a header but as the water was not very transparent, I preferred to float on the cold water. 😉



I’d read so many things about Rio Largos, the flamingos and the pink lagoon of Los Colorados. However, I couldn’t quite decide whether or not to drive there because we only had a few days and it was an almost three hours drive to get to the pink lagoon. Also, Los Colorados is very small and not very inviting for tourists and, therefore, I was thinking back and forwards whether to make the trip or not. As I love to see truly unique things when traveling, we finally decided to go on the trip. We spent three  scary hours in the car, driving through heavy rain and thunderstorms. We weren’t even sure whether the lagoon would look pink in the heavy rain. When we arrived, the water looked blue at the first glance. Only when getting closer to the edge you could see that the water looked pink. Especially when the sun was hiding behind clouds, it got even more beautiful. In the end, we were lucky that the weather was this bad because when the sun was setting, the clouds were reflected in the pink water. It was the dreamiest scenery I’ve ever seen! When researching the trip I wasn’t able to find much information. Therefore, I definitely want to share with you that the pink lagoon is private. There is no chance to get close to the water as there are a handful of security guys on motorcycles who were follow the tourists every step of the way. In case you are totally into photography the trip might be worth it. But if you want a romantic day trip, the pink lagoon is a long drive for the limited possibilities you have when arriving at the lagoon.


OUTFIT DETAILS: DRESS: Storets (similar here)



W stayed at the Azulik Hotel during our last trip to Tulum and there was something about this place, which really made me want to come back! Azulik might not be for everyone: it’s an eco friendly resort with no electricity and no shower! 😉 Well, there is a little mosaic tube where you can wash yourself but it’s very intimate and romantic. What I love most about the Azulik is feeling so close to nature and especially the ocean. We booked a sky villa because there is nothing that gives me a more peaceful and happy feeling than standing on the wooden balcony seeing only the ocean in front of me. When planning the trip I was hoping to sneak my way into the hotel wifi, but we only had limited access and, therefore, I could share as much with you as I wanted. Luckily, I can share alllll my favorite pictures with you today!

TOP: Storets (here), SHORTS: OneTeaspoon (here)


ROMPER: Lovers & Friends (on sale: here), SUNNIES: Dior (similar here)

ROMPER: Lovers & Friends (on sale: here), SUNNIES: Dior (similar here)


ROMPER: Lovers & Friends (on sale: here), SUNNIES: Dior (similar here)


TOP: Storets (here), SHORTS: OneTeaspoon (here)


ROMPER: Lovers & Friends (on sale: here), SUNNIES: Dior (similar here)


ROMPER: Lovers & Friends (on sale: here), SUNNIES: Dior (similar here)


I’m not vegan and I don’t eat raw (I love cheese and pizza and so many unhealthy things ;)), BUT Raw Love Tulum is soooooo good. Even my boyfriend who loves meat was obsessed with this place! We went on a daily basis, ordering a Frappuccino with chocolate and the chocolate Acai bowl. When I asked the owner about bowls to go, he visited Alex and me at the hotel, preparing fresh bowls for us. It was the friendliest gesture and I got even more obsessed with RawLove Tulum! By the way: they also have wifi! 😉 In case you are visiting Tulum: don’t miss Raw Love Tulum, they are my favorites!



SHORTS: OneTeaspoon (here), SUNNIES: Ray Ban (here)


SHORTS: OneTeaspoon (here), SUNNIES: Ray Ban (here)


ROMPER: Lovers & Friends (on sale: here), SUNNIES: Dior (similar here), FAYE BAG: Chloé (here)

More Tulum love in my Tulum travel guide: here. <3

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