Dior poison girl | New York

Dior poison girl | New York

Most of you would probably agree that it must be a dream come true, when Dior invites you on a trip to the city that never sleeps for a special occasion… 🙂 This is what happened this month when I was invited to one of my favorite cities to celebrate the launch of the new Dior POISON GIRL Eau de Toilette: New York!


Even though I’ve been to New York countless times, the city feels different to me every time. This time I was staying with Dior at the Standard hotel in the East Village, which was a totally new location for me. I’ve been to the Standard Hotel Highline a few times before, and the Standard East Village is just as amazing. It was already late when we arrived but even in the dark the view was spectacular. Our room had a complete window front and we could even see the Empire State Building. When I entered the room I directly saw a couple of Dior boxes (a serious competition to the skyline view ;)). I unwrapped the first box to find everything you could possibly wish for in terms of Dior beauty products. Naturally, I used these amazing new products to create my look for the “POISON CLUB” party. I prepared a little getting ready for Dior & Instyle Germany, which I will also share with you in the upcoming days. 🙂 I also unwrapped a cool Poison Girl bomber jacket. Each night we headed out for dinner and drinks with Dior and we had the most wonderful time. I felt like a princess, super happy to discover new places in my beloved NY and to be surrounded by such nice people during our trip. When I got up on our first morning we were surprised by breakfast to the room and a beautiful pink bouquet (fit for a Poison Girl ;)). When Alex and I were just about to start eating, the snow began to fall. It was so beautiful and I felt like a happy child, not being able to truly believe my eyes…

After the snow stopped falling we went outside to shoot some of the amazing pieces we got from Dior for the trip. I have to say that I absolutely fell in love with the Lady Dior with its customisable bag belt. The black version especially is the perfect addition to my bag collection! Later that day I met a hairstylist and a make-up artist and we tested the Dior beauty products and talked about the look I was aiming for for the night. The launch party of “POISON GIRL” was happening at the “Up & Down” so I spontaneously decided to change my chic dress and go for a overtheknee boots, leather & poison girl bomber jacket look. It turned out to be the best idea since the location was super cool and the music made us want to dance all night long. It was one of the best parties I’ve ever visited and among the guests were the Poison Girl model Camille Rowe and Bella Hadid. Needless to say I was wearing the Poison Girl perfume for the party and I simply loved the scent. I usually wear Miss Dior most of the time as I like perfumes that are light and feminine. The new flowery Poison Girl scent by François Demachy is just as sophisticated as Miss Dior but embodies the confidence and playfulness of the scent’s face Camille Rowe (see the POISON GIRL video: here). Imagine how excited I was when I found a bottle with my name on it in my room? Doesn’t that make me a Poison Girl myself?! 😉 Thank you Dior for these unforgettable days in the city that never sleeps and for hosting the most amazing night out! Xx Poison Girl Leonie <3

Shooting for Dior before the snow started | East Village
 BOOTIES: Dior (here), LADY BAG: Dior (here), PANTS: Dior

Playing the tourist | Rockefeller Center
LADY BAG: Dior (here)

Night out in New York | The Knickerbocker, New York
LADY BAG: Dior (here)

Getting ready with a view | The Standard, East Village

Ready for the POISON CLUB | The Standard, East Village
 BOOTIES: Dior (here)

Poison wall | Dior poison club

Poison girls with Christina | Dior poison club

What’s your poison? | Dior poison club

Breakfast heaven after the Dior ‘poison club’ | The Standard East Village

Breakfast in bed while it’s snowing outside | The Standard, East Village

After the amazing time with Dior in New York I’m even a bigger fan than I was before! I’m super excited for the first Dior collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri which will launch in store on February 27th. Below you can find some of my favorite pieces I have on my personal wishlist. Until the 10th of February you can already preorder some limited pieces and it gives me sleepless nights to decide. 😉  The collection consists of the themes J’ADIOR, DIO(R)EVOLUTION, DIVINATION & FENCING and I can’t even tell you which one I love most. I still try to get the “DIO(R)EVOLUTION” or the “WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS” shirt and I’m also obsessed with the J’ADIOR slingbacks. Which one is your favorite piece?



  1. 6. February 2017 / 17:40

    I love the pink house! In my travels I too always seem to find a pink house, or building and always have to get a picture with them, I never tire of them! P.s. just discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago, and love your aesthetic, especially adore your travel posts!

    xx Sheila

  2. Leonie
    6. February 2017 / 17:54

    Danke Liebes <3

  3. Leonie
    6. February 2017 / 17:55

    Thank you sooo much, I’m so happy to hear that! We pink house lovers should always stick together! 😉 <3

  4. 6. February 2017 / 20:29

    I’m so happy for you that you got invited! The photos are really pretty, I’d love to go to New York one day.

    Norina xx


  5. Leonie
    6. February 2017 / 20:48

    Thank you, babe, I always love being in NY! <3

  6. 6. February 2017 / 22:08

    Wenn Dior einen einläd, dann hat man es wirklich geschafft! Ich freue mich, dass du diese tolle Erfahrungen machen kannst!
    Dein Outfit für die Party sieht so cool aus, woher sind deine tollen Boots?
    Ich wusste gar nicht, dass das Shirt “WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINIST!” von Dior ist, ein sehr cooles Shirt*-*
    Alles Liebe,


  7. 6. February 2017 / 22:55

    Really nice photos! Dior is one of my favorite brands. It’s very elegant. 🙂
    Amazing post!

  8. Leonie
    6. February 2017 / 23:30

    Thank you so much, I feel the same about Dior – I wish I could live in their clothes! 🙂 <3

  9. Leonie
    6. February 2017 / 23:32


  10. Sylvia
    7. February 2017 / 11:47

    Sehr schöne Bilder, traumhaft! Deine Locken sind toll.

    liebe Grüsse
    http://www.mirrorarts.at/ Foto/Reisen/Lifestyle

  11. Leonie
    7. February 2017 / 12:06

    Daaaaanke, Liebes <3

  12. Keshia
    7. February 2017 / 17:28

    New York in the Winter is always one of my favorite times of year. Theres a tranquility that blankets over the city that never sleeps that I never have experienced in the other times I have visited there. Congrats on the amazing collab with Dior, beautiful!

    PS love the pink building – I always find one in every city I travel to and fall in love with it <3



  13. Livia
    7. February 2017 / 20:53

    Liebe Leonie,

    der Trip ist ja ein wahrgewordener Mädchen-Traum! <3

    Muss den Duft unbedingt mal schnuppern :))




  14. 7. February 2017 / 22:49

    Luuucky you :))) NYC is one of my favourite cities and I always love to see pictures of it. Looks like you had an amazing time 🙂

    x Gitta // http://www.gittawitzel.com

  15. Leonie
    8. February 2017 / 9:49

    Thank you <3

  16. Leonie
    8. February 2017 / 9:50

    Er wird dich nicht enttäuschen! 🙂

  17. 8. February 2017 / 20:12

    Wow! New York and your life in it! Sex and the City vol3!


  18. Leonie
    9. February 2017 / 14:09

    Hihi <3<3<3<3

  19. Leonie
    9. February 2017 / 14:20


  20. Natalie
    12. February 2017 / 20:28

    Amazing! <3 I just found your blog and you are definitely one of my favorite blogger! What blog platform you use? You are so pretty 🙂

  21. Jessica
    13. February 2017 / 12:18

    I love your photos ! <3 what camera do you use ? Thank you <3

  22. 15. February 2017 / 10:20

    Could be that sweet scents don’t do it for you!? Fruitchoulis make me nauseous so I get it..just clarifying that Poison Girl isn’t a bad scent at all, just not working for you!

  23. Leonie
    16. February 2017 / 13:34

    Thanks!!! <3 We are using a Canon 5d mark iii or 6d with the lenses 24, 36, 50 and 85mm!

  24. Leonie
    18. February 2017 / 19:25


  25. Leonie
    18. February 2017 / 19:29


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