Monday Update #57

My loves, I can’t even remember the last time I published a Monday Update and it feels like sooo much has happened in between! I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates, but during the last days it was just impossible to get any time in front of my laptop! Luckily, I’m at home for a night and I finally find some time to organize my thoughts and share a little bit of what is happening with you guys! <3


R E V I E W:

Alex and I had quite some projects to shoot and decided to end European summer in one of my favorite places: Positano! I’m almost done with writing the travel guide and, therefore, I don’t want to spoil too much.;) But I can already tell you that it was absolutely amazing and even after revisiting for the second time, Amalfi Coast is still among my top five favorite destinations, for sure!

After Positano Alex and I headed to Stockholm for the European Launch of the Swedish heritage beauty brand Barnängen. It was my first time in Stockholm and there was no extra time to explore the city, but from what I saw during the event I totally loved the vibe and would love to come back soon! The launch was just the beginning of an exciting project I’ll be working on with Barnängen – so I’ll definitely keep you posted! 🙂

My next job also took me to Sweden, as we had a project in Lappland with Stradivarius. Everything is still top secret and I still have to wait a little to share with you what I’ve experienced, but I absolutely looooved North Sweden! I saw Northern Lights, hugged reindeers and visited the famous ice hotel. I’m already super excited to share more with you soon! 🙂

From the cold to summerly temperatures in NY! Alex and I spent the last week in NY, attending New York Fashion Week for the fifth time! Saying it out loudly almost sounds crazy but fashion weeks have always been a big part of my job and I love going to New York Fashion Week, especially in September when the temperatures are still fine. 🙂 This season has been one of my favorite seasons so far. I tried not to overschedule and only went to my personal favorite shows such as Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Zimmermann and Coach. Of course I will also share all my outfits and my New York highlights with you soon! I was also lucky to stay at the Quin Hotel again where I also stayed last season and with all the projects and travels, I always love coming back to a place which already feels like home. A big plus was having a personal Lexus driver for the whole week as I was part of the #HowFashionTravels project. Those of you who visited NY during high season might have an idea how difficult it can be to get a taxi in NY. Also it was nice to have the same driver the whole week and we even ended up having by Chloé food all together. As we had to change hotels twice and I had a lot of luggage, I loved having such a spacious car. Especially, since I spent most of the time in traffic. 😉  My personal highlight of the fashion week was walking the runway for Rebecca Minkoff. I was suuuper nervous but I decided that stepping out of my own comfort zone would be a nice challenge and I feel so lucky for this fun experience. But as promised, I’ll share more details about New York Fashion Week with you soon! <3

P L A N S:

Even though I do not drink beer, I’m super excited to go to the Oktoberfest for one day with Tiffany. How can a girl ever say no to Tiffany!?;) I’m excited to have a little breakfast at Tiffany’s in Munich and it will also be Alex`s  first time ever attending Oktoberfest. 🙂

Before continuing the Fashion Month marathon in Milan and Paris, I’m more than excited to go on my first trip with Chanel! We’ll be heading to South France and I can’t wait to dive into the world of Chanel. 🙂

N E W  I N:

After all my summer adventures, it was time for a fashion week wardrobe and I bought some essentials which I loved wearing in NY. I bought a basic Vetements shirt, a velvet Prada belt bag and the beautiful Chloé Nile bag – both in a red wine as I’m so excited about autumn!

Bye bye for now, my loves, I’ll update you so soon – I promise! xx Leonie <3



FLATS: Miu Miu (here), SUNNIES: Dior (here), TOP: Hellessy (here)

NILE BAG: Chloé (here)

BAG: Rebecca Minkoff (here)

DRESS: Rebecca Minkoff (here), BOOTS: Balenciaga (here)

NILE BAG: Chloé (here), HEELS: Proenza Schouler (here), BLOUSE: Balenciaga (here), JEANS: MLM (similar here)

NILE BAG: Chloé (here), PANTS: Ellery (here), BLOUSE: Johanna Oritz (here)

– Barnängen Launch, Stockholm –

– Positano –

HAT: Lack of Color (here)

DRESS: Eberjey (here)

DRESS: Eberjey (here)

BAG: Jimmy Choo (here)

DRESS: Tory Burch (here); SUNNIES: Chloé (here)

DRESS: Eberjey (here)

HAT: Lack of Color (here)

BATHING SUIT: Marysia (here)


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