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I can’t believe it’s only been my second time visiting Sweden and, therefore, I was super excited when heading to Stockholm for one day to celebrate the European Launch of Barnängen, one of Sweden’s most popular brands which provides the skin with everything it needs and stands for ‘lagom”, the Swedish approach to life: not too little, not too much, just right.


During the launch event we took an old, super charming boat and saw the green side of Stockholm. I loved to see how much inspiration Barnängen finds in the power of Scandinavian nature: the landscape, light, ocean and forests.

Afterwards we had a super yummy Swedish dinner with all the bloggers from around Europe and we danced with flower crows in the night. This first day with Barnängen was a wonderful beginning of a new partnership and I can’t wait to get to know Barnängen even better and share with you my favourite beauty secrets about the brand. From now on there will be two lines available in Germany: The Nordic Care Line which combines natural ingredients with Barnängen’s protective Cold Cream and The Nordic Rituals Line which is inspired by Sweden’s oldest traditions such as sauna, ice bathing and “midsommar”. The lines consist of various products ranging from body lotion and shower cream to body oil. Some of my personal favorites are the Nutrive Care shower creme, Nutrive Body Lotion and the All Over Intensive Body Balm

From now on you can finally find the products in dug stores in various European countries such as Germany!

Below you can find some impressions of the launch event.. More is coming soon. 😉 <3

*In cooperation with Barnängen <3

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