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During my time in New York I was happy about teaming up with Michael Kors again. It was the second time I attended the show and I felt honored to wear a beautiful Michael Kors look for this occasion. I was shooting the look right after sunset because I wanted to show you my brand new companion: The Sofie smart watch by Michael Kors. I had been tempted to get a smart watch for quite a while but I was always looking for a chic, stylish and feminine model and couldn’t really find what I had in mind. I’m now obsessed with my Sofie watch as it combines modern glamour with the latest technology. Whereas most smartwatches tend to be more masculine, Sofie has a slim profile and comes in different colors such as this beautiful rose gold-tone. Also there are multiple display faces so that I can customize my smartwatch depending on my mood and outfit. 🙂 In addition to the stylish design, Android Wear™ 2.0 connects me to my favorite apps.  The watch also includes a built-In Fitness Tracking and keeps me updated with mail and social media alerts. I first got the Sofie smartwatch during NYFW and I was happy to have this little support during the most stressful weeks of fashion month. And can you see how well the watch blends into the NY skyline!?;) xx Leonie


SMART WATCH: Michael Kors (here)

*In cooperation with Michael Kors <3

*In cooperation with Michael Kors <3

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