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I still remember the first time I teamed up with Marc Cain during fashion week in Berlin and I have a close bound to the German brand ever since. Therefore, I was excited when Marc Cain launched their first ever Eau de parfum: MysteriouslyMysteriously No. 1 is an Eau de parfum for the modern, self-confident woman and the scent consists of bergamot, mandarin and apple combines with nuances of jasmine and rose. Creamy vanilla and soft musk round out the fragrance. Even though I mainly buy an Eau de parfum because of its scent, I also pay attention to the flacon as I want to place it in my room nicely. I love the soft pink tone and the beautifully shaped flask with round edges. I shot today’s pictures at The Hôtel Plaza Athénée during sunset. When I woke up the sun was still trying to break through the clouds, changing the colors of the sky every minute. I loved the mysterious atmosphere which fits perfectly to the ‘Mysteriously woman’. I grabbed my blanket and we directly headed out to catch this special moment. I hope you like the impressions and you can find out all about Mysteriously No. 1: here. xx Leonie



*In cooperation with Marc Cain <3

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