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I couldn’t believe it when I did some counting and realized it was my sixth time in this crazy city called Bangkok! And even though I’ve been there so many times: There is something about Bangkok which fascinates me and with every visit I enjoy the city even more!


Bangkok is definitely different than every other city I’ve ever seen. The crazy traffic with the mixture of cars, taxis, motorcycles and tuk-tuks, the vibrant food scene with street kitchens, fancy restaurants, food courts and trendy restaurants and the contrast between luxury mega malls and fascinating traditional culture. There is just so much to discover and I always find new places on every visit!

As Alex and I had so many projects around the world in 2017, we were so happy to come back to a place we know so well for some instant relaxation and holiday vibes. Even though travelling so much is my biggest dream come true, going to new places is always something which needs a lot of preparation. Even within Southeast Asia there are HUGE differences when it comes to climate, health threats, political situations etc.. So I always need time to prepare myself for every destination. Recently, I started to use Fit For Travel as they have information about more than 300 travel destinations around the world! To quickly inform myself I also downloaded the fit-for-travel app. For Thailand I normally check the climate (I don’t want monsoon season as I LOOOOVE sunshine so much) and after I visited Bangkok once during political protests where most of the city was blocked and the situation was very uncertain, I also double check current developments. Also for tropical destinations, I want to be informed about health threats. Thailand, for example, is the country with most cases of Dengue fever and as mosquitos normally love my blood, I need to know what to get as protection in advance (I always buy “off” in Thailand – Mosquitos literally stay off ;))! For Thailand you can find all the information: here.


Even though Alex and I wanted to have some easy vacay days in Bangkok, we also did some touristy things we really enjoy in BKK! My favorite temples in Bangkok are the Grand Palace, the Wat Pho and the Wat ArunWat Arun was at the top of my list for this visit as it had been under construction for quite a bit and it’s one of my all time favorite temples! First of all the location is absolutely stunning, as it is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. Moreover, the design of Wat Arun (“Temple of Dawn“) is quite different to other temples you will find in Bangkok, as it’s partly made up of colorfully decorated spires. It’s quite easy to get there as Wat Arun is almost opposite of Wat Pho and you can take a river boat, which costs about 10 cents and also offers stunning views of Wat Arun from the river! 😉 In general, I can highly recommend taking a river boat on the Chao Phraya River – Maybe even for a river cruise meal?

My favorite activity for night time is visiting the super touristy but super fun Khao San Road, which is in the heart of the backpacker district! I stayed here when I first came to Bangkok and I still love to look at souvenirs, try street food and just enjoy the crazy buzz! When you want something a little less touristy, I also enjoy walking around Chinatown! I always buy some noodles, fresh fruits or roti pancakes (my favorite in the world!).

For shopping there are soooo many alternatives! Alex and I love the MBK center for souvenirs and a vibrant mix of everything. However, there are countless more luxury mega malls such as the Siam Center.

– Wat Arun –

– King’s Palace –

– Chinatown –


As I’m such a passionate foodie, I always try new restaurants everywhere I go! This time I tried to eat as much vegan as possible and, therefore, tried some cool healthy and modern breakfast spots. I loved Not Just Another Cup for the cutest heart shaped acai bowl, yummy avo bread and the cool location close to Wat Arun! The most beautiful restaurant was Organika, where they have the cutest lunch and stunning afternoon tea. They prepare the food with so much love for detail and I had a little animal (Is it a dog ;)?) on my coffee and the most beautifully decorated waffles. Moreover, D’hark, which is in the same building as Organika, is a really cool place with super delicious coffee! Also Toby’s was closed, but judging from the pictures I saw, it looked amazing – I put it on my list for my next visit! For those of you who love to try some very crazy restaurants – you can find anything ranging from Hello Kitty to robots, cats and unicorns! 😉 In case you are wondering about Western food for breakfast – that’s no problem at all! I have a super sensitive stomach and could never eat anything warm or spicy for breakfast – even if I would like to 😉 – and I had no problems whatsoever finding a delicious breakfast.

In the evenings Alex and I tried some vegan places such as Veganerie Concept and Broccoli Revolution, which served Western as well as Asian cuisine and was super cool and yummy! I have to admit, however, that I’ve never ever been to a fancy restaurant in Bangkok as I love to walk around the city in the evenings and eat from street kitchens. Maybe I’ll try one next time – I’m sure there are amazing ones with beautiful city views!  If you‘ve got any restaurant recommendations – I’d be super happy to read your comments!

– Not Just Another Cup –

– Organika –


There are so many hotels in Bangkok, it’s almost a little overwhelming! After staying in hostels in the backpacking area during my first three stays in Bangkok, I now also found two hotels I really love any highly recommend!

For the most impressive Bangkok views, dreamy balconies and Hangover II feels (yes, the bar with the legendary stairs from that film is part of the hotel!) I can strongly recommend the Lebua State Tower Hotel. I‘ve stayed here twice and I will never get enough of watching the sun set from my balcony on the 60th floor! Such an amazing view and atmosphere!

If you are looking for a trendy and cool alternative at a lower price, I also love the So Sofitel Hotel in Bangkok! The hotel is in the heart of Bangkok near Silom & Sathorn and was designed by Christian Lacroix. I’m super obsessed with the infinity pool and its Lumpini Park view, which reminds me so much of the Central Park view in NYC. Also the whole vibe is very modern!

– Lebua State Tower Hotel –

– So Sofitel Hotel –

There is sooo much more to tell you about Bangkok, but as I’ve only been there for three days this time around, I’ll add more information the next time I visit (there will always be a next time for Bangkok!) 🙂 xx Leonie


*In cooperation with Fit-For Travel <3

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