Weekly Update #1 | I’m going Down Under!

Ok, my loves, often promised but finally it’s here: my new weekly update series! You can also thank my big sister because she is the cutest and offered me to look over my English texts before I upload them on the blog, which is super helpful as Alex and I have a pretty crazy schedule coming up and I’m so grateful for her help – Especially because I REALLY want to share more personal insights with you here! As my Monday Update series got a little neglected, I liked the idea of giving it a new finish so let’s make it the new “Weekly Update” series! 😉


R E V I E W:

2018 started a little confusing when talking about time zones! We headed from Thailand to Paris for the ‘Dior Glow Squad’ and back to Asia for the ‘Dior Capture Youth’ event in Shanghai. Even though going back and forth from Asia was a little confusing, I was super happy to start the year with two projects for my beloved brand Dior. After working so closely with Dior Make Up in 2017, I became friends with the team and nothing is as nice as working with people you love! Also it was my first time in Shanghai and the city totally exceeded all my expectations! Compared to Hongkong there are quite some historical places and I felt like it’s more authentically Chinese. I also wrote about my favorite places: here

The only downside to Shanghai was that Alex had terrible problems with his back and as he had suffered from a disc prolapse when he was playing handball professionally as a teenager, I was seriously worried. Even though his back sometimes is quite bad it was a lot worse in Shanghai and sometimes he couldn’t even get up. That’s why we canceled our plans to go to Paris for Paris Couture Week and headed back home to Hamburg instead. When Alex felt way better we were super spontaneous and booked flights to London. As we have so many international projects and spent less than 30 days at home in 2017, we started thinking about where we would like to settle down a little and decided that London is our favorite place for so many different reasons! It’s close to Germany (where we still want to keep our apartment to see my family as much as possible, it has amazing flight connections, a vibrant food scene and there is just so much Inspiration). Since December Alex and I went back and forth to London and now we finally looked at apartments! We found one we absolutely loved (high ceilings, a balcony and even a little roof terrace!) but when we decided to take it, the agent got the call that the apartment had just been from the market! Nonetheless, we found an apartment I really liked and we made an offer and have our fingers crossed that we will get it – so exciting!  

Afterwards we only had a few hours in Germany to sleep, wash & pack, before heading out for quite a long time! Our first stop was my beloved Australia! Australia was one of my favorite stops during my trip around the world (after high school!) an I was happy when I could bring Alex to Sydney last year for a project with Longines! This time we were invited by Net-A-Porter to attend the first MAAS gala which was hosted by Vogue Australia & Harper’s Bazar Australia to celebrate the talents who drive the Australian fashion industry. I was also happy to be back at the Shangri-La Sydney which has the most amazing Harbour Bridge & Opera views! As this post is already getting so long, I’ll tell you all about Sydney and the ball in my next post! 🙂

P L A N S:

From Sydney we’ll fly to Hongkong for another project and afterwards we’ll have the craziest journey to NYC to kick off fashion month! Before heading to Hong Kong we’ll have a few extra days to either spend in Sydney or somewhere else in Down Under (going back to Germany to head out to Hong Kong would be an unnecessary long journey and I’m thankful to cut the hours in the airplane!) We might go to Byron Bay (so many brands I love are based there) or look for blue shades in Western Australia. I’m always very spontaneous when it Comes to decisions like this, so I’ll keep you updated as soon as I’ve decided!

 N E W  I N:

I love Australian brands and I was so happy to shop some of my favorite brands to have some new pieces for Sydney! You should totally check Spell Byron Bay (I know I wear it all the time), Posse, Sir The Label and St Agni – Just to name a few! I also spent some time browsing at Net-A-Porter to find my perfect MAAS gala dress, Ellery pumps and the most amazing Chloé Nile evening bag and I also shopped the new IT-bag by Staud (I’m obsessed!) to get ready for Australia!

Moreover, my favorite chunky knit scarf is on sale and also my beloved summer bag by Cult Gaia is available again, yeah! 

I can’t wait to share more with you! xx Leonie 


DRESS: Alice McCall (here), NILE BAG: Chloé (here), PUMPS: Dior (here)

Shangri-La Sydney

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