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I’ve spent most of my life living around Hamburg in Northern Germany. In the beginning of this year, Alex and I decided to have our second home in London as I love London for sooo many reasons. The city’s creative vibe, unique artistic style on the streets and its rich cultural diversity (only naming a few!).


Even though the apartment is still so empty, the Moroccan wedding blankets and pillows already create a cozy atmosphere and it even got cozier when we opened a huuuuge package from Samsung and unwrapped the new Samsung QLED TV which allows us to have our own movie night at home! As we travel so much for work I loved the idea of relaxing in our living room, to have a pizza or yumm popcorn (there are just so many good flavores available in London!).

When we opened the parcel I got even more excited since the new Samsung QLED TV is not at all the old fashioned, bulky tv but more of a stylish piece of interior which perfectly fits with the design of the living room. The TV has a clean aesthetic slim metal frame and is very thin!

We decided to use the studio stand, that makes it look like a picture in an art gallery, so that we can install the TV anywhere in the room. Especially since the TV comes with a nearly invisible connection leading to the One Connect Box, that handles all the different signals so that you don’t see any distracting cables around the TV!

On our last night in London before heading to Lisbon, LA, Coachella and Tulum we arranged all the pillows and blankets that we bought in Marrakesh on the floor and it was time for our first Movie night with the new Samsung QLED (ok it was more of a series marathon ;)) But on the big screen even watching series feels like a little cinema experience and the evening got so fun and cozy, it made me miss London even more and I’m already looking forward to being back and having another movie night at home. xx Leonie

*In cooperation with Samsung <3

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