Bally Belt Bag | Santorini

Bally Belt Bag | Santorini

When I look into my closet I have these items that I honestly love but somehow never end up wearing and other items I could wear EVERY SINGLE DAY! A new amazing piece which definitely belongs to category No. two is the Suzy belt bag by Bally. I always had a thing for the classic Suzy bag but when I saw the belt bag version it was love at first sight. You can wear the bag around your hips as a belt or even in front of your chest if you feel very fashion forward. My favorite detail is the signature B Turn lock. The great thing about belt bags are that they add so much to every outfit which kind of requires a belt PLUS you don’t need to carry a bag in your hands all the time which is extremely practical. In this case it was even more practical as Alex and I were back on Santorini and when walking around beautiful Oia, climbing up and down all these stairs, you are happy to use both hands. 😉 I combined high waisted striped pants by Mango, a Staud top (I used to be obsessed with their bags and recently I also love their ready to wear!), Marni sunnies and my latest earring crush by Alighieri. And even though I packed a lot of colors for this Greece trip, I always love to blend in in white and blue, the colors of Santorini. xx Leonie


BELT BAG: Bally (here)
TOP: Staud (on sale: here)
PANTS: Mango (here)
SANDALS: Hermès (here)
EARRINGS: Alighieri (here)
SUNNIES: Marni (here)

*This post is not sponsored, but I tagged outfit details for you. <3



  1. 16. June 2018 / 19:42

    What I think is so fabulous about this bag is that it’s both on trend, easy to wear, and the design is classic and timeless. Something that often prevents me from wearing these belt or chest bags is that often the style of them is too sporty for my own style. This Bally bag in turn is the opposite so I think it would be the perfect choice for those out there who want to be able to wear a practical bag like this without it looking too trendy! I love this outfit as a whole too! The top and culottes match perfectly which the streaks of navy blue, and the bag and sunnies contrast it being in black!

  2. Leonie
    16. June 2018 / 23:32

    Thank you sooo much – I feel the same! It’s not a bag you can only wear for a short time and it’s so pretty in all its details! <3

  3. 17. June 2018 / 22:41

    Die Fotos sind so schön geworden Leonie! Ich liebe das Top und die Hose total, die Tasche ist auch ganz schick! Toller look!

    Bisous, Joëlle

  4. 18. June 2018 / 11:08

    I always have problems with bags…I hate carring them…this can be a nice idea. I have seen the trend, but I couldn’t see myself wearing it…but now…there is a practical point…i’ll give it a try

  5. Leonie
    18. June 2018 / 11:40

    Haha, I totally get the lazy point – I often feel the same! 😉 <3

  6. 18. June 2018 / 22:52

    Sehr hübscher Look*-* Ich würde den griechischen Inseln auch zu gerne wieder einen Besuch abstatten…

    Alles Liebe,

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