Positano Travelguide

Positano Travelguide
My loves, here we go with a draft of my long due Positano Travelguide which was highly requested by you guys. I have more to share and so many pictures to edit, but as so many of you have been asking about my favorite places and outfit details, I decided it’s about time to start sharing! I hope you enjoy reading this and get an idea of why I love Positano so much…

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If you asked me to name my personal top three travel destinations, Positano would definitely make it into this list! The breathtaking views, the coastline with colorful umbrellas, the stunning hotels as well as the magical light – for me as a true Italy lover, Positano is heaven on earth. I`ve already visited Positano three times and I still feel like it will never be enough…

Where to stay?

Le Sirenuse: I love to stay at the upper part of the center of Positano. My favorite place is Le Sirenuse, which is one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen. There is so much love to the detail and every corner is perfection. The beautiful breakfast restaurant with an idyllic flair and amazing views, the pool with comfy deck chairs, the popping red colored terrace… when I first entered our room and saw the view of the church and the beautiful buildings, I got a little emotional because it was just too much beauty… for me it’s the number one hotel I would recommend for treating yourself during honeymoon.:)

Hotel L’Ancora: I also stayed at the hotel L’Ancora next door, which has stunning views and is way more affordable. Some rooms have balconies with a similar views as Le Sirenuse. It’s a different hotel category but for Positano it’s a fair place in an amazing location. Also the breakfast terrace has a nice view and is well decorated. If you want to have an amazing location as well as views and you don’t need a pool: this one is a solid choice.

Hotel Poseidon: When we decided to extend our stay, we were lucky to find last minute availability at Hotel Poseidon and it was such a pleasant and spontanous stay. The hotel gave us an upgrade to a room with super charming views (you look at the Le Sirenuse side of Positano) and we even extended two times and stayed in three different room categories as everything was so fully booked. All rooms were totally fine and the views are just breathtaking – Also the pool area has the most amazing Positano views, a cute bar with snacks (for free haha!) and a restaurant which has great vegan options – even tofu with hazelnut crust! I was in awee and they even prepared tofu every single morning for me! PLUS the hotel has a vintage car they rent for free to guests which I think is just amazing. In my opinion a super good value for money!

Villa Fiorentino: The trendiest place according to Instagrammers is Villa Fiorentino, which offers AMAZING Positano views and has the jacuzzi of all dreams: due to a mirror you face the amazing views and also see the beautiful reflexions in the mirror. In case you don’t know what I mean: check out my pics! Personally, I don’t like the location so much compared to the other hotels, as it’s soooo many stairs to get to the main road and in the summer heat a few hundred stairs on top are quite intense, especially when you are into exploring a lot! Nevertheless: we had a little kitchen which was amazing, because there was a tiny supermarket across the street which had fresh food and even tofu and seitan. So Alex and I enjoyed preparing some healthy options for us which was such a treat after all the pasta / pizza / gelato…

In case you have all the budget in the world saved for this trip, I’m pretty sure two of the most amazing hotels in Positano in terms of incredible views and location are Villa Treville and Il San Pietro di Positano. I visited Villa Treville last year and took some pictures in their beautiful bar while having a drink and enjoying the views. Unfortunately, the place became a little too popular and they made it ridiculously expensive to go there. You can not simply go for a drink, you have to pay 200€ in advance before they allow you to enter – We happily passed on this opportunity – but it’s super beautiful so I still wanted to mention it. 😉

What to do?

Beaches: Positano has super charming beaches. The water is clear and I love all the colorful umbrellas which obviously are quite famous. Positano does not only offer stunning views from above – It’s also amazing to take a dip and then look up to all the colorful buildings. The most famous beach is Spiaggia Grande, the big beach! There are also some super cute beach clubs, but I’m honestly a bit disappointed with the whole beach club policy in Italy. We visited quite some beach clubs during our recent trip and all of them were crazily overpriced and even if you’re willing to pay, the staff couldn’t be any more unfriendly. At the Spaggia Grande you get a chair for 25€ per person for the whole day but when you come for a quick dip, they’ll hunt you down… 😉 So either be prepared to pay or use the tiny free section of the beach – I’m just being honest.;)

Pro tip: Spaggia Grande closes at six, shortly before the sun hides behind the mountains. We often go to the beach around that time when it’s quiet and relaxed and stay until sunset which is around eight o’clock and we never had to pay a cent. 😉

Shopping: In the cute little alleys behind the beach you can find little boutiques of local brands and a lot of art. Even if you are not planning to buy something, it’s a nice experience to just go around and enjoy the beautiful drawings of Positano. Along the coastline you can also find fruit stalls which sell a lot of tasty fresh fruits. This time I ended up shopping some beautiful linen pieces at “Bottega di Brunella”, which is one of the most traditional bottegas in the area and the staff was super nice. When I ended up buying two dresses and two bandeau tops, I even got a cute belt as a gift and I’m always amazed by an unexpected sweet gesture!

Walking: Alex and I loved going for a walk, simply to fall in love with all the beautiful corners. When heading further up the road, we stopped  and never got tired of seeing Positano from different angles.

Amazing day trips from Positano?

Ravello: When staying in Positano, I can definitely recommend a little road trip along the Amalfi Coast. This trip is often called one of the most romantic road trips you can have in Italy and even Europe, but frankly speaking it felt quite adventurous as the roads are built close to the edge and Italians are known for driving a little more enthusiastically.;) Still, the views and the dreamy small towns of the Amalfi Coast were worth the adrenaline. We spontaneously booked a small car for a day which was super easy and the cost was about 100€. We decided to spend most of our day at Ravello to stroll around the small village and to visit Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. Both places were heavenly and I used all my imagination in order to picture how beautiful the villas must look during spring with all flowers blooming! When we got really hungry around noon, we visited the picturesque Hotel Belmond Caruso for a late lunch with a stunning view. We ended up having pizza and spaghetti in this beautiful surrounding. The hotel has stunning gardens all day alleys with beautiful pink flowers.

Capri: It’s not a secret how much I love Capri, an island which to me seems unreal. I’ve never seen such beautiful gardens, views and light and everyone is dressed so chic – a place which seems like walking in a vintage postcard. As I took so many pictures on Capri ,  I’ll upload a little guide soon, I promise! Capri is just an easy 50 minute ferry ride away and just amazing for a day trip or even for a few more days.

Fiore Di Fiore: This cute and photogenic small beach can be reached by car or bus in less than 30 minutes. Unfortunately, there was a fire and some falling rocks during the time we’ve been in Positano and, therefore the beach was closed – But I’ll definitely check for the next time!

Where to eat?

Chez Black: Pizza and pasta near the beach with the iconic Chez Black chairs and fun interior. They are known for a heart shaped pizza but you have to ask nicely when ordering. Do not order a rucola salad for 13€ because it’s just rucola with no toppings, no dressign, nothing! So in case you’re not a rabbit: go for pizza! When coming to the restaurant, they will tell you it’s”fully, fully booked”, but they just say it because it sounds so chic and the minute you’re like “no worries, it’s fine”, they’ll run to get you a table. And don’t be shy: request one in the first row so that you can do people watching. 😉

Cele Restaurant: I cannot even tell you how many people have been asking me about the pic I took during night time in a romantic restaurant. BUT I’ve been keeping it a secret to make all your boyfriends visiting my blog to find the best place to propose to you hihihi. (Guys, request the very same table we had and she can’t say no!!!!).

La Sponda: If you’re not staying at Le Sirenuse, make sure to visit the breathtaking hotel for a lunch at La Sponda. The restaurant is definetly pricy, but it s a sneaky excuse to take tons of pictures with the best view in Positano. You can also make a reservation at the Oyster & Champagne bar, which is also located at Le Sirenuse and offers drinks and snacks. Make sure to make a reservation as it’s super popular.

Casa e Bottega: Healthy trendy food in Positano. In case you are spending more time in Italy and you miss a light, veggie option: Casa e Bottega has acai bowls, fresh smoothies and super yumm zuccini pasta with pesto!

Hotel Poseidon Restaurant: When looking up where to find good vegetarian or vegan options in Positano, I never found the restaurant of Hotel Poseidon and seriously: it was the best vegan food I had in Italy. I almost cried when having my dinner here (let’s pretend I’m just kidding even though we all know I’m not ;)). It was sooo yumm. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Italian cuisine. But after quite some time in Italy, it gets repetitive as you don’t have many options when trying to eat vegan. And the Hotel Poseidon finally added some new and really cool flavours! The tofu with hazelut crust was very nice and I loved to steal Alex’s spinach with raisins and nuts. It really felt deluxe after getting so many green salads with no dressing.

Da Gabrisa Restaurant & Wine Bar: I found this restaurant when looking up some vegan options and I almost killed myself visiting Da Gabrisa for dinner. I’m over exaggerating, but be warned: It’S SOOOO many stairs to get to Da Gabrisa when starting at the lowest point (the beach!). But though being very last minute we got a cute little table and during sunset the view was just pretty. We also got a vegan treat as a greeting from the kitchen and my tofu was also totally fine. Italians just don’t love salt so much, so add lots of salt, and the food is nice. 😉

I hope you like my pictures, feel free to ask any questions –  More is coming soon! xx Leonie <3

Amalfi coast line by boat
BATHING SUIT: Hunza G. (here), MITZAH: Dior (here) + Alex (never for sale <3)

Sunset behind Faraglioni, Capri
SWIMSUIT: Louis Vouitton (similar here), EARRING: Balenciaga (here), BEACH BAG: Loewe (similar here)

VISOR: Dior (here), SWIMSUIT: Louis Vouitton (similar here), BEACH BAG: Loewe (similar here)

 Cheesy postcards from Positano, Spaggia Grande

Dior Mizah hairdo, Spaggia Grande
BIKINI BOTTOMS: Hunza G. (here),  SHELL EARRING:Rebecca de Ravenel (here), STRIPED TOP: Faithfull (here), SHELL BASKET BAG: Rebecca de Ravenel (here), MITZAH: Dior (here)

Italian lovers, Spaggia Grande
SHELL EARRING:Rebecca de Ravenel (here), STRIPED TOP: Faithfull (here), MITZAH: Dior (here)

Positano magic, Spaggia Grande
BATHING SUIT: Hunza G. (here), MITZAH: Dior (here), L-NECKLACE: Céline (similar here)

Reflections,Villa Fiorentino
BATHING SUIT: Jade Swim (here), SHELL EARRING:Rebecca de Ravenel (here), MITZAH: Dior (here)

#DiorClub Visor, Hotel Poseidon
(see the whole story: here)

#DiorClub Visor, Hotel Poseidon
(see the whole story: here)

Positano by vintage car
DRESS: Faithfull (here), BAG: Loewe (here), SHELL EARRING:Rebecca de Ravenel (here), MITZAH: Dior (here)

Poolside attire
COVER-UP: Paloma Blue (here), BELT: Andersons (here), BATHING SUIT: Hunza G. (here), EARRING: Balenciaga (here)

By the pool, Le Sirenuse
BATHING SUIT: Hunza G. (here)

Dream place, Le Sirenuse
BIKINI: Hunza G. (here), SHELL EARRING:Rebecca de Ravenel (here), MITZAH: Dior (here), SUNNIES: Jimmy Choo (here)

Date night, Restaurant Cele
DRESS: Asos (here), EARRING: Balenciaga (here)




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    I visited for the first time this year and stayed Le Sirenuse and Il San Pietro. I agree Positano has to be the most beautiful place on earth!!

  9. Leonie
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    Sooo lucky – I couldn’t imagine two more beautiful hotels. <3

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    Fabulous guide , I’m a lover of everything Italian . You have some great pieces here !

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    Thank you so much for all the information shared, the pics are amazing. Do you have any suggestions for lunch in Amalfi?

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    Favourite ever travel guide!! I love how you’ve written a detailed and personal guide and included lots of travel tips and outfit links. Hope you do more of these kind of posts 🙂 Would love if you did an instagram Q&A too on stories – would be good for us all to get to know you better too! 🙂

  18. Leonie
    12. August 2018 / 19:19

    Thanks babe – Unfortunately, we only visited a few hours and only had a gelato 😉 <3

  19. 13. August 2018 / 6:28

    Your trip sounds so fun! I also love all of your pictures. Your guide was so helpful too. I hope I can visit there someday, Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  20. Hanneke
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    Thank you! Do you have recommendations for getting to Capri in an affordable way?

  21. Leonie
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    There is a ferry leaving at the main beach multiple times per day! <3

  22. Leonie
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    Yeeeah, already planning that <3

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    wow, what a beautiful destination! TBH Positano wasn’t even on my radar until now 🙂 Awesome images as always and great insights – thank you!


  24. Elke
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    Wunderschöne Eindrücke liebe Leonie!! Darf ich fragen über welche Bootsvermietung Alex das Schiff nach Capri gebucht hat? Das war ein besondere Story!

  25. Reezan
    13. August 2018 / 22:14

    The Cele Restaurant is refusing to give us a specific table!! 🙁 🙁 they say it is not within their poilicy!!! any tricks and tips, pleaseeeeee❤️❤️❤️ Any names that we should ask for 😀

  26. Leonie
    15. August 2018 / 10:05

    Hallo Liebes,
    sehr gute Frage! Werde dazu auch noch einen kleinen Post schreiben. Alex hat sich für Sealiving Positano entschieden. Eine Blogger Freundin hatte den Anbieter empfohlen. Ich fand den Tag unglaublich toll, fand die Company aber nicht soooo lieb und aufmerksam, deswegen hatte ich sie nicht ausdrücklich empfohlen. Es war ja zB mein Geburtstag und sie haben nicht einmal Happy Birthday oder so gesagt und waren sehr gestresst (und ich freue mich immer über Herzlichkeit). Aber ich schreib das alles noch einmal im Detail auf 🙂 <3

  27. 15. August 2018 / 15:42

    Please share your tips and pricing for those nice boats rides you took. On Instagram it look as as though you took a view boat rides on what seems to be a private boat with Just you and your love. Can you give recommendations for what boating options you and your love used, pricing and names of the boats and where to catch the boats from (example: were there boat options from the hotels you were staying at or indepentent boat owners/companies?). Did you team up with some or all of the hotels you stayed at to be their affiliate and if so how do you get to work with hotels as an affiliate or other? Did you get to stay the some or all of the hotels in positano/Capri for free or did you have to pay? And if so how did you get to stay for free?
    Did you fly or drive, take a boat into positano? What is your best travel tip for entering into Positano? I have been before and I took a charter bus the time I went from Florence and the roads scare me but taking a charter bus in seems to be a cheap option. I’m curious as to the different ways you’ve entered Positano and what city you may have traveled to Positano from that factored in your options to arriving there and he cost!
    I love your blogs! They are so informative and make me extremely happy! They are so intresting and I would love to know more so as an aspiring blogger I can visit places like this and have and enjoy similiar experience with my family as well! Thanks for being you and being and inspiration! I love forward to hearing more amazing details about this trip!!! XOXO

  28. Telmo
    15. August 2018 / 22:51

    I have a question, is it easy to take a photo among the loungers during the day? may l? Where can I get the best picture of positano with no people?

  29. Leonie
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    I wrote it in the guide – It was shortly after 6 and all tourists left 🙂 <3

  30. Jane
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    Love the travel guide! You are such an inspiration!
    Could you please tell what company you went with for a private boat tour? It’s so many out there, want to make sure we get a good one!

    Thank you!

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